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           Inner Integration
Just as we are evolving from our unconscious existence in material reality, so has the Tarot evolved from its roots in the mystery schools, to the salons of medieval Europe and finally to the pathways of the Tree of Life.  Tarot itself is poised on threshold of Becoming as it's pathway unfolds an ever expanding vision of what humanity can become. 


It is the same with you. You may literally feel tight in your skin, limited by your circumstances. You may feel the presence of something greater asking more of you.  You too are poised on the edge of your Becoming and are asking for support for the change you know is coming or you wouldn't be reading these words.


As you stand before the door of opportunity, you might be afraid of the consequences of opening this door to your true Self. Or, you may just feel confusion or  deep frustration about what your life has come to. You may feel as though your grounding is slipping away as you walk in a ruined landscape longing to see a flower spring up, grass pushing through the concrete, a sunrise, something to give you hope, something to tell you what you know is true. This is not the reality you came here to live..


Come join me in changing this reality by changing your consciousness through my work with the Tarot or with Inner Integration, a therapeutic method which aligns the psyche, your ego self, with your Higher Self.  


By Becoming who you truly are, a magical being of Light and Joy,

you can affect the collective.  






 Depth Soundings - A Gift from Spirit


 Push play. Listen and resonate in your Becoming.

The Magus - A Meditation to meet your Magical Self

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