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Studying the Tarot with Carolyn has been a deeply moving and spiritual experience for me. I believe that the Tarot is a conduit to God and our collective wisdom and guidance. Carolyn serves as a phenomenal disciple, one who challenges our preconceived notions of how we operate as spiritual beings in an earthly reality.  I would recommend Carolyn to anyone who is seeking truth, enlightenment and ultimately, healing.   Liz Smith

Carolyn is a Master Teacher of the Tarot.  Attending her class feels like coming home to myself.  In them I find a place to explore ideas, images, archetypes, feelings, and that which is un-nameable, and always changing…Getting a reading from Carolyn?  Expect complexity, intricacy, and astonishingly relevant and revealing guidance.  Tina George

If you are seeking a guiding light, look no further. Carolyn provides the flame that re-ignites your soul's fire and stands with you as your path becomes illuminated. Working and learning with Carolyn is your opportunity to feel warmed by the energy you put forth in the world. Carrie Paris 

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