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CLASSES On Zoom or In person  for 2024
Private Sessions always available.  Classes for 2024 are closed



PRIVATE Ongoing Tarot Mentorship  on Zoom or in person

$55 per session 


Private study with Carolyn focuses on your own personal evolution as we cover the class material at your speed.  Meeting times and dates are flexible to fit both of our schedules.   


Private Readings, one hour with an MP3 recording, sliding scale $65 - 85  

In person, on the phone or with Zoom




On- line with Zoom or in person at The Garden Studio C

Classes begin again January 2025 Private mentoring always available. 

Two Wednesday or Thursday evenings a month                                            


Appropriate for beginners or experienced readers.  

An overview of all 78 tarot cards which takes you on an

initiatory journey of evolution as you travel the path of the cards.

Call for more information and sign up for the Free Introduction or just to reserve a spot.  

Class size is limited.  707 - 442-4240  or


Part I - Separation and The Call - January  through April

$50 per month prepaid or $190 for Part I of 8 classes 


The cards of The Fool through The Chariot

Aces through the Sevens


Part II  - Path of Initiation - May  through August

$50 per month prepaid or $235 for Part II of 8 classes and Court Card Workshop 


The cards of Strength through Death

All the Court cards 

Review of first Ten Major and Minor Arcana


Part III - Path of Return -  September through October

$50 per month prepaid for Part III of 6 classes for $140 (includes Initiation)

The cards of Temperance through the World 

Initiation and Celebration


The Lightning Path, the Tarot Minors on The Tree of Life

                           Experience with the Tarot is highly recommended


Two Wednesday Evenings Each Month        6:30PM - 8:00PM 

$45 per month or $450 for the whole course.


Class begin again January 2025


The Thoth deck or a Waite Smith deck recommended.


Part I - Review and Introduction to the Tree of Life

The diagram upon which the modern Tarot is based.

Part II   The Tarot Minors on the Tree of Life  

We now commence to carefully rappel down the Tree of Life experiencing the

Ten Sephirote as we study the Minor Arcana. The Qabalistic approach to

the Tarot reveals the incredible depth of these cards while at the same time

you discover the multiple layers of your own consciousness.



Call 707-442-4240 for more information

or email




         Advanced Tarot classes will begin again January 2025.                        Experience with the Tarot and the Tree of Life is a pre-requisite
    Online or in person at my studio    Private lessons are always available.

Initiatory Paths  I and II- The Tarot Majors on the Tree of Life
Alchemical Tarot

Pathworking on the Tree of Life

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