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Inner Integration
A therapeutic method aligning the psyche with your Higher Self
With Zoom, Skype or in person at my studio                                       sliding scale $60 - $80/hour
Certified with Tim Kelly as an Inner Harmony practitioner, I guide private clients on a journey into their personal ego structure for a therapeutic integration of the psyche.  This approach takes you way beyond talk therapy for a deep dive into the foundation of what may be holding you back from your authentic Joy. This method is not about me giving advice. Instead you will learn how to receive incredibly wise guidance from your own Self.  I am only the guide.
When we can approach our ego parts with compassion and appreciation, we can truly come into our wholeness.
When we welcome what we viewed as broken as a valued partner in our awakening, we receive great gifts of true Wisdom. 

The Shadow is in full view now on the planet.  It offers a tremendous opportunity to see through the illusion of our separateness from each other and our natural environment. By exploring the ego mind with the Tarot and Inner Harmony parts work, my hope is to bring the Darkness into Light so that the Devil may once again be seen as Lucifer, the Bringer of Light.

Call or email to consult with me about trying this innovative therapy.
707-442-4240    or

Tim Kelley is the founder of True Purpose® Institute where he trains consultants, therapists and coaches around the world. His purpose is to inspire humanity to design and create the society we know in our hearts we truly want.  check him out at:
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